Be redirected to Search) is a browser hijacker that redirects your google search results.  is dangerous the same as Althoug you don’t often use Internet Explorer, but if you try to use it, you get re-directed to a VIPSearch search page, if you try to run antivirus then you get a Windows message saying: For some reason your system has denied access to the hosts file, if any hijacked domains are in this file, it  may Not be able to fix this. Many computer users did use HijackThis, but no luck. changed your search engine settings. Don’t be late to get rid of virus since you realize this is a malicious website and nothing true on its interface and hyper link. People have been battling this VIP Search Redirect Virus for a couple of days now and can’t seem to get rid of it. The symptoms of the virus have stayed pretty consistent in that every so often (probably once every 3-10 clicks) when clicking on a link in their web browsers they are redirected to a different site, as to This behavior happens in all three browsers I use (chrome, internet explorer, and firefox). You can fix problem via a virus removal tool and take the manual removal video guide. ScreenShot

Question1: Users may find that is difficult to be removed. Most Antivirus program can’t even detect it at all. Why? Any help with this annoying problem would be gratefully appreciated.

Answer: is a stubborn virus. Once attacked by browser hijacker, then your computer is in high risk. The victims of VIP Search Redirect Virus said:”Normally, I can then simply click the back button on my browser and click the link again and all is fine (although very ocassionally it may redirect me again on the second click, but never after that).  It redirects to” They really haven’t noticed any other issues with the computer besides these occassional redirects. It seems it’s fixed for there have not been any popups or noticeable problems on user’s computers, but the redirect is still happening after next reboot. This is really annoying and frustrating. Since many antivirus won’t be able to help, what do i do then?

Question2: Is there any way can help me get rid of completely?

Answer:Yes. problem can be fixed completely, and the  manual manual way+ useful tool is the best choice. is deeply infiltrated into your system. Thus, it becomes complicated for computer newbies to get rid of it. You’ve been trying to get rid of the browser hijacker without success, and not sure how to remove it, or use the regedit tool properly. Some others must have done 6 or 7 different types of scans, but nothing worked. They did a Google search (on another computer, obviously) and came up with a host fix that someone from here posted, and it seemed to work.  It seems like maybe the default host file fix fixed a symptom, but didn’t necessarily remove the VIP Search Redirect Virus. Now, the search seems to be back (or still there). Users can find someone who has enough experience handling with such infection or download the tool below and contact Tech Support 24/7 online for help to permanently get rid of google redirect virus.

Associated file of to be deleted.

  • C:\Windows\system32\consrv.dll
  • C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
  • %AppData%\[random].exe
  • %Temp%\[random].exe
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[random].exe

Video guide show you how to delete registry entries of

If you were failed to delete the browser hijacker, contact professional technician to get it fixed below.
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