Browser is always redirecting you to Why you can’t find the toolbar in install/unistall control panel and cannot reset your homepage as Certified ToolBar is already taken over your browser? If you are facing this annoying issue, you can benefit from the following post. Here is the manual guide to remove hijacker completely.

Risk Level : ★★★★

Quickly Learn More About redirection is triggered by a mischievous search redirect rootkit threat. The hijacker takes control of the browser and forces users into visiting annoying webpages or bogus search pages when clicking on links in major search engine links. It is targeting to attack Google and other search engine search results and redirect user to infected pages. directs your Google search queries to a custom page that is full of advertisements.
Search certified toolbar virus is known to attack Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, and can function in most versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows 8. Once it is running, it enters your computer without your permission and then performs tons of malicious activities on your machine especially for interrupting your browsing sessions. If you try to search something from Google, Bing or other search page as your preferred, you will be redirected to page against your will. Pretending itself to be a legitimate website, actually contains rootkit and Trojans which can automatically record your online behaviors in order to steal personal information and confidential data such as bank account information, credit card information, social security number. Thus, to secure your computer, it is suggested users to remove Search certified virus as soon as possible.


If I reinstall my browser, can I get fixed?

Some users may think that things will be fine after reinstalling the browser. However, the fact is that no matter how many times you reinstall it, is still in your computer making chaos continually. Thus, users should not spend most of time in trying to change browser to stop these attacks. It is useless since browser hijackers will corrupt the local DNS (or Domain Name System) entries to accomplish their hijackers. It is why this browser hijacker virus will remain embedded in your operating system even if you uninstall and reinstall all of your web browsers. It is highly suggested users to get rid of virus by the effective manual guide.

Summary of

  1. It belongs to browser hijacker virus that is designed to offer fraudulent search results
  2. It can block Antivirus program and access targeted computer without any permission
  3. It can redirect web browser to unwanted websites and modify the HOSTS file
  4. It is associated with ZeroAccess Rootkit that can infect a computer by exploiting security vulnerabilities

Users may find that certified tool bar and redirect virus are difficult to be removed. Most Antivirus program can’t even detect it at all. Why? As for this issue, every users should realize a fact that there is no perfect antivirus can cope with all the threats because antivirus is produced by human being. It takes time to make its function well. Thus, to remove a virus, manual guide is the most effective and suitable.

How to remove virus manually?

1. Reboot your computer to safe mode with networking.

2. Use manual guide to remove it completely by deleting all the infected files and registry entries.

Associated file of this threat that needs to be deleted.

Here is the video about virus removal for reference. Maybe you can learn more here:

In a word. may hijack your browser when it is installed to your computer. When you search something, you can not get the same results like Google or other real search engine. This webpage may redirect you to some unsafe webpages that can cause damage to your computer even you are under the protection of the anti-virus program. What is more, this webpage can create add-on to your browser that  can slow down the speed of your browser, you will find that it takes a long time to open a website and watch something on Youtube. The hijacker may access to your computer if you click on unsafe webpages or links. That is why it can cause further damage to your computer. It may record your action online so that the hijacker can get into your computer without your permission, it may steal your personal information and important data. So you need to remove this redirect as soon as possible from your computer before it brings great damage to your system

If you follow the guide above but still don’t know how to do it, users can find someone who has enough experience handling with such infection to remove the virus manually or contact Online Tech Support for help.

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