Uninstall Windows Ultimate Security Patch From Windows 7/Vista/Xp Manually – Windows Ultimate Security Patch Removal

Published May 29th, 2012 by Tony

Windows Ultimate Security Patch makes chaos on your computer and keeps closing your internet? If this is the trouble you meet, you can see the solution here.

Risk Level : ★★★★★

Windows Ultimate Security Patch  Description.

Windows Ultimate Security Patch is a rogue anti-spyware program from the Rogue.FakeVimes family which is configured to start automatically when you start Windows. It may be installed by a Trojan, come bundled with other software, or install itself through web browser security holes. Half of computer users may get infected with this rogue program by visiting some malicious websites. Users should not be fooled by its name and appearance as it has no relationship with Microsoft and it is a fake antivirus designed to mislead users into paying a useless product. Once it is on board, it generates error messages and numerous non-existent infection to induce panic in its victims. Once the victim believes their computer is infected with malware, Windows Ultimate Security Patch will attempt to convince the victim to purchase a useless upgrade for this fake security program. For no reason should you purchase this fake antivirus program. It can destroy your PC but protect it from malware. Windows Ultimate Security Patch is able to interfere internet, decrease pc performance as well as attack your files. It must be removed as soon as possible without a doubt. Read the rest of this post »

Can’t Get Rid of PUP.BundleInstaller.OI? Remove PUP.BundleInstaller.OI Completely Step by Step

Published May 28th, 2012 by Ella

Won’t be able to get rid of PUP.BundleInstaller.OI yourself? You just  experience a very difficult time for your PC has messed up by the nasty virus. Try to remove the virus from your computer as soon as possible after reading this post thoroughly.

What is PUP.BundleInstaller.OI?

PUP.BundleInstaller.OI is a malicious malware that can bring great damage to your computer. The aggressive infection targets users’ computer massively in order to execute large scale of illegal activities. It is a harmful unwanted application that is spread by Trojan, malicious websites, spam email attachments and network sharing. Besides, the malware can invade your computer when your music, video, games and software from infected web pages. To further annoy you, the nasty malware displays numerous pop ups on your screen and triggers lots of error messages associated with files missing, unavailable Windows installation and other similar problems. If your PC is infected, it will operate very slowly and get poor Internet connection. In fact, the hazardous malware attempts to itself into your system automatically to enhance its performance and destroy your computer seriously. It ruins your system, processes and files terribly in order to destroy your computer in all aspects. Moreover, the crucial purpose of the malware is to steal your privacy and compromise your security by interrupting your browsing tasks and recording your system resource. That is, it is designed to attack your PC and steal your precious information to perform illegal actions. How urgent the situation is! It is high time for you to remove the malicious virus from your computer without any delay.
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How to Remove Fake Torrent Alert Completely From Win7/Vista/XP?

Published May 25th, 2012 by Tony

Fake Torrent Alert pops up on your screen and don’t know what’s going on? Users should notice this is a highly dangerous virus. Once detect, an immediate removal is needed to make sure your machine is running in a safe network environment.

Is “Torrent Alert” Popups Legit?

Torrent Alert, as a part of adware, is installed from insecure downloads or various shareware programs distributed by Trojans, fake online anti-malware scanners, malicious websites. It aims to collect information about users and send them to host computers without any knowledge or consent. Basically, we can see this alert is for asking users to get the so called anonymous connection by paying a bunch of money. This alert is related to rogue family FakeVimes. Both of them have the same goal – gain access to your credit card information and linked finances. Torrent Alert claims you have violated the copyright laws, making you scared and finally mislead to into paying something. It violates your privacy and compromises your security, even causes many serious problems to your PC such as displaying lots of annoying advertisements or opening backdoor to let many other malware come to the infected machine. It is highly recommended users to ignore this fake alert. Instead, use the manual removal instructions below to remove it completely and permanently.

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How to Remove Trojan.Festi Completely? (Manual Removal Tips)

Published May 25th, 2012 by Ella

Can’t get rid of Trojan.Festi? Just find that your antivirus tool fails to eliminate the stubborn Trojan threat completely? Obviously, it is urgent for you to learn about this Trojan and remove it from your computer completely.

What is Trojan.Festi?

Trojan.Festi is a malicious Trojan horse that allows remote access to your computer on purpose. It is so malicious that it can endanger your Internet environment and slows down your PC system performance seriously. Once invaded, you’ll be interrupted by numerous annoying advertisements and unwanted spam E-mails, and your favorite websites are redirected to other harmful web pages. All these malicious pop ups aims at luring you to download dangerous free music, videos, games and even software which contain various types of PC threats. This nasty Trojan horse can install and run itself whenever Windows starts. It will trace your Internet browser tasks to collect your precious information such as financial information and password. What’s worse? Trojan.Fesiti infects your PC with lots of bundled malware and dropping codes such as spyware and adware parasites. Such PC threats can hide in your system, processes and files, which is hardly for antivirus to catch all infected items. The Trojan can change your system settings, registry settings and critical files to steal your privacy and security and execute malicious activities out of your control. It is designed to destroy your computer terribly and gather your valuable information to steal your money. Urgent as the situation is, it is high time for you to terminate the Trojan horse infection from your PC eventually.
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Blocked by Windows Safety Maintenance Virus? Remove Windows Safety Maintenance Fake Alert Completely

Published May 25th, 2012 by Ella

How slowly your computer system performs! Have you got many annoying warnings by Windows Safety Maintenance fake virus on your screen showing that your PC is at great risk? If so, try to follow these instructions below to get rid of such a pesky problem immediately.

Definition of Windows Safety Maintenance:

Windows Safety Maintenance is a new fake antivirus software aims at cheating you into purchasing its full version. What the rogue program acts is just like Windows Pro Safety Release. To make you pretty nervous, the rogue program scans your PC designedly and claims that your PC is seriously invaded by various threats. Such PC threats can be malicious malware, spyware and other types of infections. The rogue program is released recently to attack victims’ computer and trick inexperienced PC users into paying for its full version. If you’ve got such a rogue application in your PC, you’ll find that your PC condition is getting worse. The rogue program destroys your computer badly by modifying your system settings, registry settings and files randomly. It can install in your PC automatically and run itself when Windows starts. Moreover, the fake security anti-spyware can interrupt your Internet browsing tasks seriously, for example, it redirects your specific websites to malicious web pages and pops up many pesky advertisements on your screen. In fact, the rogue program allows various types of PC threats to penetrate into your computer and damage the system, processes and precious data and so on. It is created by vicious hackers to endanger your privacy and security such as banking account, password and important business information. These hackers deceive you to gather your money and perform large scale of illegal activities. Don’t believe in the rogue program for it is a big scam. Instead, choose a really useful way to remove the virus from your computer completely.
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How to Remove Windows Private Shield completely? (Manual Removal Guide)

Published May 24th, 2012 by Ella

Have you found that your browser settings are changed randomly? Are you mad at getting numerous annoying pop ups on your screen. Learn about this rogue program in detail and try to remove it from your PC as early as possible.

What is Windows Private Shield?

Windows Private Shield is a rogue anti-spyware program acting as legal antivirus software to trick you into purchasing its program. It is designed by cyber criminals to gather money by cheating you to purchase its whole version of program. Once it invades your PC, numerous annoying advertisements and error messages pop up on your screen, and all these pop ups are false information that lure you to purchase its program for PC threats removal. If you really pay for it, you’ll find that your PC condition is getting worse unpredictably. Once the rogue antivirus software is installed in your computer, it can run itself automatically every time Windows starts and promote itself aggressively aiming at destroying your computer in all aspects.
Generally, this fake security software interrupts your Internet browsing activities by blocking your search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer and Firefox and changes your homepage and even browser settings. Besides, it can slow down you system performance and modify your system settings, registry settings, processes and critical files in order to steal your personal information and financial information and security such as banking account and password and perform harmful and illegal activities without your recognition. To further bother you, it pops up many unwanted and hostile advertisements and error messages on your screen. Remember that all these malicious activities designed by cyber criminals are just scams to collect your money illegally. Since you realize it is a big scam, you should uninstall Windows Private Shield from your computer without any delay.
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How to Remove Windows Secure Surfer completely? (Manual Removal Instructions)

Published May 22nd, 2012 by Ella

Do you really believe that your computer has seriously infected by some virus? Have you paid for Windows Secure Surfer to clean all virus threats in your PC? Please learn more about this rogue program by reading this post and know how to remove it from your PC manually and completely.

Windows Secure Surfer Description:

Windows Secure Surfer is a fake antivirus software designed to trick PC victims to purchase its program to eliminate the security alerts. This rogue program comes from fake family and acts just like its family members such as Windows Antivirus Care and Windows Be-on Guard Edition. It can display fake alert on your screen telling that your computer is seriously infected by unknown virus. False information and error messages keep popping up on your screen, which indeed do not exist in your computer at all. With the false information pop-ups, this rogue software deceive you to purchase it in order to remove all these infected items from your PC. Don’t trust it. Ignore it and remember that it is only a scam to lure unknowing PC users for their money.
Actually, Windows Secure Surfer is a virus that can install itself automatically in your computer without your recognition. After its installation, the rogue program can run itself every time windows launches. The rogue software pretends to scan your computer and display false results only to deceive you for a great deal of money. If you’re taken in the scam thinking that your PC condition is as extremely dangerous as it indicates, you’ll purchase its program but only witness your money lost in vain and get nothing useful but just a hostile virus infection in your PC. To get your PC infected more terribly, this rogue program can block your legitimate Windows application and many other functions such as Windows Task Manager and Registry editor and so on. It can damage your system, processes, program files, dll files and folders aggressively and seriously. Therefore, ignore the scam result and remove Windows Secure Surfer from your PC as early as possible.
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Tricked by Windows Pro Safety Release Virus? Remove Windows Pro Safety Release Virus Completely

Published May 22nd, 2012 by Ella

Have you got fake security alerts telling that your PC contains great virus threats? Do you think that Windows Pro Safety Release can really help you wipe out all virus threats from your PC? In fact, your PC is infected by this hazardous rogue program, and you should remove it from your PC completely as soon as possible.

 Definition of Windows Pro Safety Release:

Windows Pro Safety Release is a fake anti-spyware that pretends to act as legit antivirus software to scan your computer and display that your PC contains many virus infected items. It claims that all listed PC threats should be eliminated immediately by purchasing its whole version of program. In fact, it is a member of fake family just as Windows Secure Surfer and Windows Safeguard Upgrade to trick unknown PC users’ money. All scan results listed on your screen are false information and error messages which do not really exist in your PC. The rogue program is taken controlled by cyber criminals to attack your PC by endangering the Internet environment and slowing down your system performance. If you trust what the rogue program claims and purchase its whole version, you’ll expose your PC and precious information at great risk. Because this fake antivirus software is useless to help you resolve the issue, on the contrary, it destroys your PC seriously by blocking your windows application, Registry editor and even your search engines such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome and other program functions. Windows Pro Safety Release changes your system settings, registry settings and even Internet browser settings without your consent, in order to record your system resource and files and folders information, steal your privacy and security such as personal information, banking information and password and activate illegal tasks randomly to collect as much money as possible. It also brings annoying pop ups on your screen and damages your system, processes, critical files and folders seriously. Therefore, you should realize that this hostile rogue program is a tricky scam, what you need to do is just ignore it and remove it from your PC immediately.
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Remove Windows Safeguard Upgrade Completely (Manual Removal Guide Step by Step)

Published May 22nd, 2012 by Ella

Have you got frequent fake security alerts on your screen? What measure will you take to get rid of this rogue program completely? This post will help you learn about Windows Safeguard Upgrade and get rid of it completely.

What is Windows Safeguard Upgrade?

Windows Safeguard Upgrade is harmful fake antivirus software created by cyber criminals to trick unknowing PC users on purpose. What this rogue program acts is just like its rogue family member Windows Secure Surfer. It is designed by scammers to perform malicious activities in your PC and cheat you to pay its whole version to wipe out all your PC threats. Moreover, the fake antivirus program can sharply slow down your system performance. If you purchase such rogue program, you’ll find it does nothing useful to your PC but witness that many tasks, program functions are still blocked seriously. To illustrate, the Windows Task Manager, Registry editor and even search engines such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome are blocked. Your PC system, processes, critical files and folders are seriously ruined unpredictably. This latest rogue anti-spyware can run itself when you launch windows. It pretends to scan your computer and telling that there are many virus infected items in your computer which should be deleted immediately. Actually, those detected items do not really exist in your PC. All fake security alerts distributed by Windows Safeguard Upgrade are just scams to gather your money. It can change your system settings, registry settings and even Internet browser settings without your permission. With such highly risky rogue program in your PC, you will suffer even great pain only to see your PC system crash gradually. Therefore, it is high time for you to remove Windows Safeguard Upgrade from your computer permanently as soon as possible.
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Avast Keeps Popping Up Win32:DNSChanger-VJ [Trj] Alert? (Manual Removal Guide)

Published May 22nd, 2012 by Tony

Avast keeps finding Win32:DNSChanger-VJ [Trj]? Have no idea how to get rid of this pesky Trojan completely? Learn more here to remove it immediately.

Quickly learn more about this Trojan:

Win32:DNSChanger-VJ [Trj] is a malicious Trojan that promoted via spam e-mails, malicious or hacked Web pages, peer-to-peer networks. It is detected by Avast Antivirus program. When it is installed, Avast keeps popping up with a message that it is blocking the Trojan Win32:DNSChanger-VJ [Trj]. Also the svchost.exe process is taking up an unusual amount of your computer power. Your CPU usage and Physical Memory is rather high and speed is slower and slower. Sometimes you may also get blue screen errors where windows will shut down and be forced to reboot. Being as a pesky Trojan, it is responsible for disabling security software from being deleted, modifying system settings and even gathering confidential data to a remote hacker. What’s more, it can compromise your system and may introduce additional infections like rogue software. This Trojan infection can function in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Once downloaded, it creates a certain registry entry so that it alerts you almost every time you start up your computer. If you want to completely get rid of this alert and secure your PC, it is highly recommended you to delete Win32:DNSChanger-VJ manually at once. Read the rest of this post »

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