Still looking for a solution to unlock your computer since PRS for Music virus is taking over your screen? “Your computer has been locked” warning keeps popping up? Remember PRS for Music (Metropolitan Police) is a scam and needs to be removed ASAP.

PRS for Music Ransomware Details:

“PRS for Music Your computer has been locked” is a fake alert that is designed to deceive innocent users and lock their computers, posing as an official notice from the Metropolitan Police, claims that the victim’s computer system was blocked because of its involvement in illegal activities, and demands the payment of a ransom £50 in order to give back control of the infected computer. Do not be intimidated by this confusing ransomware. Once it is installed, this popup will completely take over your screen, prevent you from doing any operation on your computer. This malware also identifies the victim’s IP to make it like a legitimate security warning. Don’t be deceived by this fraudulent pop-up alert as it is only used to scare you into paying for a non-existing fine and stealing your personal financial information. It will change your registry settings and other important windows system files, making your computer unstable. Moreover, this nasty virus will typically lock down the infected computer system, blocking access to the desktop, Task Manager, files and security software. In a word, what it can bring is to make chaos on your infected computer and encourage you to spend money on this scam. Remove PRS for Music virus as quickly as you once upon detection.

Screenshot of this PRS for Music virus:

PRS for Music Ukash Virus(Metropolitan Police) is highly dangerous:

  • It is a fake alert that poses a huge risk for an infected machine because of its fraudulent expectation is to steal unaware users’ money.
  • It can block Antivirus program and access targeted computer without any permission.
  • It can start up automatically when Windows is booted up.
  • It can come bundled with other Trojans which are able to collect user’s online account, password information or even system information and finally send them to a predefined remote IP address.

Remember this virus just shows fake alerts in order to trick users so as to rip off their money. Don’t be deceived by it. Instead, users must remove it as soon as possible.

Does System Restore work to remove this ransomware?

We kindly remind you that system restore is not a wise choice to remove PRS for Music (Metropolitan Police) Ransomware. Many computer users found that after they did a system restore, things are going to be worse. Not only did the computers freeze, but also lose their precious data. Furthermore, the virus may be still in the computer and made chaos secretly. Hence, it is recommended that using the manual approach below to remove this ransomware as soon as possible.

PRS for Music (Metropolitan Police) Step-by-Step Removal Instruction

1. Restart the computer to Safe mode with networking by restarting your computer, hit F8 key constantly before Windows launches.

2. Select Safe mode with Networking and hit Enter key.

3. The files and registry entries that should be deleted:

  • %AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\random.exe
  • %UserProfile%\Desktop\Metropolitan Police\
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Total Anti Malware Protection = “%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\a2r3fq\FPa1a_7294.exe” /s /d
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\[RANDOM].exe\Debugger = svchost.exe
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\DisallowRun = 01000000

PRS for Music Virus Removal Video Guide Is As Similar As Metropolitan Police Virus:

Note: Be caution because if you delete the things you are not sure, it may result in performance problems, registry errors as well as instability issues.

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