Browser is always redirected to Partner37.mydomainadvisor? How to fix this issue?

Partner37.mydomainadvisor is a fraudulent web hijacker that intended to screw up computers, then criminals can use the artificial traffic to boost affiliate payments. This nasty virus is responsible for changing your homepage and modifying browser setting without your permission. It can affect Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Once it sneaks into the infected computer, the most obvious symptom is that you cannot use search engine such as Google search, Bing as well as Yahoo. It’s really irritating as every time when you try to look up something by those legitimate search engine above, you will be sent to Partner37.mydomainadvisor directly.  This domain does look like a genuine and believable search engine providing some place where you can enter your query and get some answers of information, but this is a really misleading and bogus thing contains no search service. Though such situation won’t happen all the time, maybe every other hour, users must pay attention to this issue and quickly find a solution to fix it since this redirect virus can deeply harm your computer. It is shown this type of redirect virus is capable of altering the registry, HOSTS file and other important Internet setting to make computer more vulnerable which may lead remote attack. Under such circumstance, remote hacker can access user’s personal data including user account, password and other confidential details easily. In a word, if you want to keep your computer safe, it is advisable to manually remove it so that the virus can be totally gone from your PC and it won’t come back to bother your PC again.

Picture of this hijacker virus:


Question1: Users may find that Partner37.mydomainadvisor is difficult to be removed. Most Antivirus program can’t even detect it at all. Why?

Answer: This redirect virus is rather stubborn. It can not only damage your computer deeply but also can disguise itself in root of the system from being deleted by all kinds of Antivirus programs. Thus, it becomes complicated for anti-virus software to detect and remove such hijacker virus from the infected computer. Also as for a fact, there is no perfect antivirus in the world which can cope with all the threats because antivirus is produced by human being. It also takes time to improve its function and make it well. That’s why your antivirus become useless to remove this pest.

Question2: Is there any way can help me get rid of it completely?

Answer: Yes. To completely remove this virus, manual way is suitable. Have you noticed that there’re many websites providing manual guide, but the infected files and registry entries are not the same? That is because such tricky virus can keep updating itself by changing its files’ names and directories frequently to prevent antivirus detection and add more difficulty to manual removal. The following video and tools may help you.

How to remove Partner37.mydomainadvisor manually?

1. Reboot your computer to safe mode with networking.

2. Download the following tool which may help you a lot and then run it in order to kill all the infected processes.

2. Use manual guide to remove it completely by deleting all the infected files and registry entries. Here is the video about virus removal for reference. Maybe you can learn more here:

If you follow the guide above but still don’t know how to do it, users can find someone who has enough experience handling with such infection to remove the virus manually or download the tool below and contact Online Tech Support for help.
Download Partner37.mydomainadvisor Virus Removal Tool