Have you had any idea that your computer performs very weirdly? Do you know anything about such a Trojan infection? If you are searching for a solution to get rid of the Trojan horse entirely, please follow removal guide on this page carefully.

Learn about the Trojan.zeroaccess.B virus in detail:

Trojan.zeroaccess.B is a dangerous Trojan infection that makes great chaos to your computer in all aspects. Do you know when the Trojan horse sneaks into your computer? In fact, the Trojan item penetrates into your computer as you visit malicious contents or download free items from infected website unwarily. Once infected, you’ll get slow system performance and poor Internet connection. Moreover, the Trojan horse damages your system, processes and files seriously. As a result, your PC is just messed up terribly. The Trojan item also blocks your executable programs for example your antivirus tool. In such cases, you need to adopt steps to eliminate the Trojan threat entirely and rapidly.

In a general way, the Trojan horse is so malicious that it does great harm to your online activities. In detail, it changes your desktop image, homepage and even vital computer settings casually. The Trojan also redirects your favorite websites to harmful web pages without your precaution. It is designed by cyber criminals to visit your computer without your consent and activate illegal tasks aggressively. That is, the Trojan item records your online history and computer data to gather your personal information, banking information and other sensitive information on purpose. In order to handle with such a scaring situation, you need to delete the Trojan threat from your computer as early as possible.

Summary of Trojan.zeroaccess.B Virus

  1. The Trojan horse slows down your system performance and disconnects your Internet frequently.
  2. It changes your homepage and browser settings randomly, and it blocks your Task Manager and other executable program functions.
  3. The Trojan item redirects your specified websites to malicious contents and triggers many disgusting pop ups on your screen.
  4. It records your browser history and computer data  to collect your  sensitive information on purpose.
  5. The Trojan horse infects your computer with additional PC threats including malware, spyware and adware parasites.

What is the most useful way to deal with Trojan.zeroaccess.B virus completely?

Do you know what great damages the Trojan horse bring to your computer? In fact, it crashes your system and messes up your files out of control. The Trojan infects your computer with other malware, spyware and adware parasites, and it changes daily. This is difficult for your antivirus tool to get updated promptly to deal with the virus successfully. Moreover, the Trojan item disables your antivirus programs and other executable programs terribly. To deal with such a case, manual removal is highly appreciated. That is, PC experts are very skillful in coping with the Trojan horse effectively.

Instructions on manually removing Trojan.zeroaccess.B virus:

1. Reboot your PC before windows launches, tap “F8” constantly. Choose“Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press Enter key.

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and terminate Trojan.zeroaccess.B virus processes in the Windows Task Manager.
3. Search for all infected files and registry entries and delete them from your computer as follows:

  • c:\windows\system32\hidserv.dll
  • c:\windows\system32\dllcache\hidserv.dll
  • c:\windows\system32\drivers\mouhid.sys
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\clsid\{d40b90b4-d3b1-4d6b-a5d7-dc041c1b76c0}
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\~\BrowserHelperObjects\{d40b90b4-d3b1-4d6b-a5d7-dc041c1b76c0}
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar] “{d40b90b4-d3b1-4d6b-a5d7-dc041c1b76c0}”= “c:\program files\IncrediMail_MediaBar_2\prxtbInc0.dll”
  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\clsid\{d40b90b4-d3b1-4d6b-a5d7-dc041c1b76c0}

Removal video help you handle with registry entries successfully:

Note: Manual way to handle with the virus requires sufficient expertise, which is initially suggested for advanced PC users. Any mistakes may cause eventual system crash without precaution. If you are still confused, please consult PC experts 24/7 online to help you get rid of the Trojan.zeroaccess.B virus completely.
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