“Your computer has been locked! Warning!” Have you got the warning every time you reboot your computer which totally locks your computer? Are you one of the victims of this ransomware but find no way to get rid of it? Are all your files, music locked as well? RCMP Ukash virus is absolutely a disaster. Learn more to find out an effective removal way in order to clean it up.

RCMP Ukash virus is another newly-released ransomware that uses a tempting name of Royal Canadian Mounted Police as the way to deceive innocent users.  There are other versions of this virus, the UK and USA such as Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Virus for sure under different names but essentially doing the same thing, asking for a sum of money to restore your service. For a fact that it has nothing in common with this governmental authority of Canada. Once it is downloaded, it quickly takes over your screen when Windows is  booted up. A fake warning will appear that saying your computer has been locked due to violation of the law in Canada. It reveals the violations which don’t exist at all and asks users to pay a fine in accordance with Canadian law in the amount of 100 euros. Don’t be fooled by the scam as even if you pay, your computer is still useless. Royal Canadian Mount Police Ransomware can not only take over your screen, lock up your desktop and disable your current antivirus, but also it can encrypt all your personal files such as your documents, your music or photos. Royal Canadian Mount Police virus can make a headache to all the computer users. If you want to save your files and protect your computer, for no reason should you delete this ransomware as soon as possible.


Royal Canadian Mount Police Ukash Virus Infected Symptoms:

  • It is a fake alert that poses a huge risk for an infected machine because of its fraudulent expectation is to steal unaware users’ money.
  • It can start up automatically and lock your computer immediately once installed.
  • It can lock all your data including music, photos and all kinds of files.
  • It asks you to pay a fine in order to unlock your computer but even if you have paid, nothing will be changed and only will you lose your money.
  • It can come bundled with other malwares which is capable of tracking your online activity and sensitive data.

In conclusion, RCMP Ukash Virus runs high risk for all the computers. Many users find it difficult to be removed since when they have tried a bunch of antivirus programs, no one will work. Hence, if you want to delete this ransomware completely, you have to  eliminate it manually so that it is completely kicked off from your computer.

Virus Removal Guides:

1. Restart the computer to Safe mode with networking by restarting your computer, hit F8 key constantly before Windows launches.

2. Select Safe mode with Networking and hit Enter key.

3. Use manual way to completely get rid of RCMP Virus by Removing all the infected registry entries and files as the following video shows:

Royal Canadian Mount Police Manual Removal Video

Note: Be caution because if you delete the things you are not sure, it may result in performance problems, registry errors as well as instability issues. Maybe you can benefit from the following solution to get rid of RCMP Ukash Virus.

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