Fake Torrent Alert pops up on your screen and don’t know what’s going on? Users should notice this is a highly dangerous virus. Once detect, an immediate removal is needed to make sure your machine is running in a safe network environment.

Is “Torrent Alert” Popups Legit?

Torrent Alert, as a part of adware, is installed from insecure downloads or various shareware programs distributed by Trojans, fake online anti-malware scanners, malicious websites. It aims to collect information about users and send them to host computers without any knowledge or consent. Basically, we can see this alert is for asking users to get the so called anonymous connection by paying a bunch of money. This alert is related to rogue family FakeVimes. Both of them have the same goal – gain access to your credit card information and linked finances. Torrent Alert claims you have violated the copyright laws, making you scared and finally mislead to into paying something. It violates your privacy and compromises your security, even causes many serious problems to your PC such as displaying lots of annoying advertisements or opening backdoor to let many other malware come to the infected machine. It is highly recommended users to ignore this fake alert. Instead, use the manual removal instructions below to remove it completely and permanently.

Picture of Torrent Alert:

The message is as follow:

Torrent Alert
Recomended: Please use secure encryption protocol for torrent links.
Torrent link detected!
Receiving this notification means that you have violated the copyright laws. Using Torrent for downloading movies and licensed software shall be prosecuted and you may be sued for cybercrime and breach of law under SOPA legislation.
Please register your copy of the AV to activate anonymous data transfer protocol through torrent link.
Get Anonymous connection

Obviously, Torrent Alert is a hoax as there are misspelling in the alert shown. It is likely that creator of this alert is not native English-speakers. Anyway, users should not be fooled by this fake alert. Remove this fake alert as quickly as you can once you detect it.

Infected Symptoms by “Torrent Alert” Virus :

Unwanted and questionable advertisements and fake alerts keep popping up on your screen.
Your PC system performance is too bad and your system works very slowly.
Unwanted malicious applications run in your PC.
Once infected, your PC results in frequent freezing and system crash.
All your websites specified by Google Chrome and other search engines are redirected to unwanted and annoying ones whenever you surf the web.

Any effective way to remove “Torrent Alert ” Popups since Antivirus programs are useless?

“Recommended for You” Popups is a tricky virus that disables all the security tools. Also every computer users should understand a fact that Antivirus tools are not omnipotent. Sometimes they can’t detect or catch viruses timely. That’s because that antivirus is produced by human being, it also takes time to make its function well to handle with a new virus. Furthermore, this type of malware is tricky, it can block any legitimate security programs already installed on the system which may lead to its removal, hiding itself in the root of the infected system. Therefore, if you want to remove this nasty virus completely, you need to delete all the infected files, processes, as well as registry entries which are related to this nasty virus so that to ensure the security of your computer.

How can i remove this virus by myself? Watch the removal video now!

There are many websites offer manual removal guide about this virus. However, careful users may notice that all the infected files or registry entries from different sites are always different. “Torrent Alert ” Popups is a tricky virus. It can root its related files in the same directory with random names to prevent antivirus detection and add more difficulty to manual removal. Therefore, it will be difficult if you have not enough experience removing a virus before. You can watch the following video for reference to learn how to handle registry entries.

Use manual guide to remove it completely by deleting all the infected files and registry entries.

  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\ Torrent Alert.lnk
    %UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\ Torrent Alert.lnk
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\[random]
    HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\[random]

Warning : From the above video, users should be have a clear idea about how to get rid of “Torrent Alert” Popups. However, before you take action, you must realize that manual approach is a risky job. Be caution when you do the above steps because if you delete the things you are not sure, it may result in performance problems, registry errors as well as instability issues.

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