How do you earn bitcoin? Aside from mining and trading what other source of BTC income do you do?

Well, to earn Bitcoin is to make money, that is why everyone wants to earn more bitcoin as him or she can. Basically, when you want to make money, you should have some skills and knowledge about any good domains linked to bitcoin, or maybe out of it. The first thing you need to do is to learn about cryptocurrencies and understand all basic things and then you can start to offer some services that you can do, also you can build your account and rank it up and then you can enroll into a signature campaign which it’s good and pay well. There is other domains like gambling, but it’s too risky, And i don’t advise people to do it. One of the good ways is to invest ICOs, if you don’t know where to get the projects, is a good place for you. To contribute the ICO token crowdfunding that based on blockchain like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

I earn Bitcoin mainly based on the business of Ethereum types and then trade them on trading platforms to earn Bitcoin, making a profit. Besides, I also earn Bitcoin from various jobs such as signature campaigns, social media campaigns or participating in bounty of ICO projects to earn Ethereum then change them to Bitcoin. There are many ICO startups that launch the ICO tokens for investors( is a great site with all you need). What is more, blockchain allows previously impossible ways to collectively support athletes, to decentralize key processes (scouting and promotion) which lowers the costs dramatically and shifts most of the created value to the community.

There are 10 major and popular methods to earn bitcoins out there!

1 – | Bitcoin Mining |
2 – | Faucet – Free Bitcoin |
3 – | PTC or PTR websites |
4 – | BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns |
5 – | Writing for blogs and news sites |
6 – | Play games to earn Bitcoins |
7 – | Bitcoin Trading |
8 – | Bitcoin lending |
9 – | Gambling |
10 – | Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing |